23rd April 2011

Canada Tour Blog part 2

Previously, you heard of our arrival, and of our various trips and concerts. Well, here’s some more info for you on the Libera Canada tour.

The day after the St. Andrew’s concert was pretty calm. We got up late after a well-deserved sleep, and had our regular over-intake of food. We later discovered something you don’t see in England often. Underground cities. The Necropolis is probably the closest you could get to one of those in Europe. Anyway, there was this passageway under the hotel, which led to this fantastic complex of underground shops and restaurants. It was strange and amazing at the same time! But there was nobody around, so for about three quarters of the way it was spookily empty. When we finally found life, we discovered that we were slowly creeping back up to the Earth’s surface from the mantle. And also that Big Ben’s scarf could swallow Barney completely whole. And also that it was raining outside. A lot. Oh dear. So we sped across the street to the cinema to watch a film called Rio. It was better than we thought it would be actually – quite worth seeing if you haven’t done so already. Anyway after the film we just stayed in the hotel, because it was raining so heavily. So that was the rather damp end of Saturday.

The weather continued to be overcast on Sunday, however instead of raining, snoww and sleet was falling from the sky. It was quite spectacular; it actually looked like a snowstorm from the hotel!  Anyway, we went to a bowling alley for a bit. It was pretty fun, actually. Many people scored strikes, and there was a lot of slipping and sliding on the overly polished floors! Meanwhile, our tech crew had to gear up the van for the concert that night – in that weather!


It was a huge struggle, but because they are so fantastic they managed it, and the concert at ’Islington United Church went very well indeed. It may have been a small area for our different formations, but we thought we pulled it off very well. We even managed to fit everyone on the stage, whilst also finding room for Steven and his keyboard, the string quartet, Simon his percussion stuff, the speakers, mixing desk, microphones and the grand piano!

Monday was equally eventful. In the morning, sadly, we left the amazing Fairmont hotel and boarded the coach. We had quite a long journey up from Toronto to Kitchener, where we performed a little demonstration to school kids aged from about 8 to 16 in St. Mary’s Church at half past one. The place was pretty much packed! We received a great reception from them, which was especially important to us because these people really appreciated what we did, and they were our age so we could think of them as our peers. Anyhow, after that we went to the hotel, dumped our bags, and then left to go to Music Plus, which is a huge music shop in Kitchener. Bill, the man who owns it, helped lots with the tour, and also organized a delicious Mexican-style lunch, with wraps, tortillas, and spicy salsa! It was very tasty, and filling. We then had a look around the shop. Some people bought manuscripts and novelty music things, while others decided to get the loudest percussion instruments they possibly could.

The noise in the coach afterwards was deafening. Anyway, after that musical interlude, we drove to the Centre in the Square theatre to perform our only theatre concert.


This place was enormous, and so was the stage. We now had the opposite problem to the previous night’s concert; we had too much space! But any road up, the concert there went really well, and we filled up quite a lot of the theatre.

That puts another great concert in the bag.

The next day we packed our bags again, said goodbye to Kitchener and travelled to Chatham Congregational Church. It had a really shiny black floor, and that really made the lighting look extra effective! It also had balconies, so the string quartet was on one side of the room, whilst Steven (on the various wind instruments and the keyboard) and Simon (on percussion) were on the other side.


This gave the music a cool panned effect that really added to the Libera sound. That concert also went really well, and the pastor even told us afterwards how good he thought it was. Luckily for us, our new hotel was just up the road so we got home pretty early and went straight to bed; we had to drive back to Toronto the next day.

I think now is a good point to say that some of the older ones like myself and JB have been revising for exams throughout the entire trip. I know, it is very very dull. However, it has to be done – the exams are quite important. But coach journeys are great opportunities for us to do work, and so the five-hour trip back to Toronto on Wednesday didn’t pass too slowly. When we got back to the beloved Fairmount hotel, however, we dumped all our stuff in the rooms and went for a swim in the pool. That was pretty fun, and also very refreshing after such a long journey. It was quite late when we finished, so we went to a buffet-type place for dinner and went to bed. A week run of concerts is fun, but really tiring!


Yesterday we got up at a reasonable time, for we were going to Niagara Falls! Yes, it is spelt with an extra “a” after the “g”. I didn’t know that either until we went there to see the Falls! They were beautiful. Seeing them from the Canadian side is much better as you’re on an elevated viewpoint away from the Falls. We went up the Skylon tower (which looks like a miniature CN Tower) and from the top you could see the Falls and the entire area around them.

It’s all really confusing in that region – the land curves a lot and you’re not quite sure what’s Canada and what’s America.  Anyhow, after going up to the sky deck, we went down a level to the revolving restaurant. This was even more confusing. The middle was stationary, the next part moved, and then the outside – i.e. the windows – were stationary. I had a seat by the window, so it was really cool seeing everything as we turned and dined. One funny little thing was that there was a ledge by the window, so if you put anything on it like a camera or something, one minute it would be there and the next minute it would be some table on the other side of the room, because you have moved! That was really cool, having revolving lunch. After that we went down into the Falls. There was this place where you could go behind the falls and look at it crashing down from the other side. That was quite worthwhile. What was odd, however, was that the spray of water coming off the Falls and onto our faces was so cold that it was ice! It was also really wet behind the Falls, so we didn’t spend too much time there and we came back to he gift shop where we found Murray the Moose.  So our moose got to meet a real Canadian moose. And James met a seagull.



Before we left to get back to Toronto, we went to the IMAX near the Falls and watched a video on all the crazy stunts people have done by the falls, or in the falls. It was really interesting, and the screen was so big! And the sound system was all around, so you really felt like you were there. That was a really pleasant day out.

To be continued…..

12 Comments on “Canada Tour Blog part 2

23rd April 2011 at 2:56 pm


I’m glad that you’re continuing to have a nice time on your Canadian tour. I was blessed to see three of the shows (thought I was only going to get to see two, but changed my flight at the last minute to see the third). Interestingly, I wrote about the stage layout of the Chatham show in my blog post about it as well:

I too thought that the balconies added to the sound. That show also happened to be my favourite of Islington, Centre in the Square, and Chatham.

Thank you again for the beautiful performances, and your perseverance through night after night of shows! You are all incredible, and I wish you the best!


P.S. Love the picture in front of the moose, and I’m glad that Moose finally got to meet his cousin Murray… and that James met a seagull. 🙂

Thomas Bannerman
23rd April 2011 at 4:59 pm

Thank you Libera for sharing news of your adventures during your Spring Tour to southern Ontario here in Canada. Ah, the April weather here, which you have all experienced first hand is like ‘a tug of war between winter and spring.’ Which helps to explain the snowshowers last Sunday. Like in England we have no control over the weather.

Libera you have certainly be wooing the crowds you have been performing before, on the this Spring Tour, I know from experience your fans will be cherishing many happy memories!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, looking forward to seeing / hearing Libera perform in Concert at Church of Our Lady on Norfolk Street in Guelph, Ontario!!!!!
Best Wishes,

23rd April 2011 at 7:16 pm

i hope to see you guys in Manila, Philippines SOON!!! im only a 12 year old but im one of your fans. usually girls like my age when they first here music and its not RNB they become so bored but change me i really really LOVE LIBERA!!! though i dont have one of your cd’s because i cant find one in the malls!!! 🙂

23rd April 2011 at 7:29 pm

Thank you for another great blog! My favorite part has to be “So our moose got to meet a real Canadian moose. And James met a seagull.” xD

Terry Tschopp
24th April 2011 at 1:07 am

Dear Libera: Looks as if you guys are having a good time in spite of the weather :).

Yes, you are indeed correct when you said the falls are better viewed from the Canadian side :). I was your age when I first saw them 😉

You don’t have to tell me anything about the weather at Islington. My mates and myself were in the cold since after the 11:15 service and as one put it, when the doors opened, “he couldn’t feel his legs!!!!!!!”.

Anyways, Islinton was an excellent concert as is this blog and I thank you for it.

Kind Regards, Terry

Rev. Jim Hodge
24th April 2011 at 4:23 am

I thoroughly enjoyed the Kitchener concert on the 18th. Wish there would have been time for a meet and greet, but could see how tired the boys were. Great job, all of you!

25th April 2011 at 2:40 am

I saw the concert with family on Friday evening… I wasn’t familiar with the group, but I’m glad to say I sincerely enjoyed this! Good luck on the rest of your tour 😀

25th April 2011 at 3:31 am

Thank you, thank you for adding Toronto, Ontario Canada to your international list of countries and cities where you are much loved! There are no words to describe the impact you had on our fair city. I hope you had an enjoyable stay and please, please do come back. Some of us have been waiting years for you to perform here. I thank God this has happened. You have brought the love of your music to all ages. I am elated and beyond words to experience such heavenly voices. With much love and until me meet again…

25th April 2011 at 11:52 am

ohhh emmm geee! thanks for posting it 🙂 love it. .

Christopher Wallace
25th April 2011 at 1:42 pm

Dear Libera,
Thank you for including part of Canada on your tour. Looks like you lads had a great time despite the unpredictable Canadian Spring weather.
I do hope you return to Canada in the near future. All the very best to you in your upcoming shows.

26th April 2011 at 3:52 am

I cannot gush enough about experiencing your performances in Hamilton and Guelph. Thank you so very much for coming to N. America! I drove up from WV, USA and coincidentally met people from ME and CT…seems many are willing to travel considerable distances. Sorry to hear about the rain; surely you get plenty of that in England! I’d hoped for a meet and greet but am very glad that somebody drew the line and gave you some rest and recreation. We want you to enjoy tours so you keep doing them!! God bless you and best wishes to all.

28th April 2011 at 8:58 am

I had planned to be in Toronto in support of one of my students who was performing with the Australian Gondwana Choir in concert with the Toronto Children’s Chorus, so I was incredibly pleased have the opportunity to hear the heavenly voices of Libera during my stay as well! There is something so special about the sound produced by a young boys’ choir and the concert at the Islington United Church on Sunday evening was absolutely beautiful! We will always celebrate the talent of these boys (and those who work with them) and their willingness to share their extraordinary gift of music with us. Thank you Libera!


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