3rd October 2023

News from our Japanese Tour Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Libera is featured in the corporate advertisement of Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Lease Co, Ltd, the title sponsor of our autumn Japan tour, at Itami Airport (Osaka, Japan).

Please be sure to check it out when you visit Itami Airport.

6 Comments on “News from our Japanese Tour Sponsor

jolanta Dlugosz
11th October 2023 at 1:23 pm

I hope you are ok I would like to know more about an audition Thank you Kind regards Jolanta Dlugosz

11th October 2023 at 2:40 pm

To find out about recruitment please visit our website.

Sebastian Schwemmler
23rd December 2023 at 12:13 pm


are you going to Germany too?
We would like to listen to you personaly.

Merry Christmas and Gods blessing

Alexandra Marisa Wilcke
25th December 2023 at 9:12 pm

Hello, I just discovered Libera and am deeply touched. Thank you for that! Are you coming to Germany in 2024 ? If so please let me know. I’d love to come !
With best regards, Alexandra Marisa Wilcke

27th December 2023 at 5:31 pm

Hi! Amazing music for the heart and soul.
Hope you ll come to Italy one day.

Gavin Brown
12th January 2024 at 10:46 pm

Hi, discovered the boys over the Christmas period and after 60+hours of listing in various forms, Inc YouTube docs I can’t believe I missed you perform at Arundel Cathedral, it’s like 12 miles up the road😢. Look forward to 2024 dates and hope everyone on the team, boys and parents had a great Christmas.


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