6th September 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t Libera albums be purchased in all countries?

Our current and recent albums are released by various record companies, which are international organisations with links all over the world. Generally each country makes its own choice as to when to release CDs – or indeed whether to release them at all, so the release of a CD in one country does not mean that it will be released in other countries. And typically release dates differ worldwide. However we believe many supporters have been successful in having CDs and DVDs shipped overseas from Amazon.

Does Libera have a DVD?

Yes indeed. In fact we have produced 3 DVDs. Our first was recorded in Leiden, Holland, with full orchestra and sumptuous lighting in the atmospheric setting of the St Pieterskerk. We have also produced a Christmas DVD called ‘Angels Sing: Christmas in Ireland’ in the wonderful Armagh Cathedral. And we have recorded a concert in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.   In addition to DVDs we regularly produce new music videos on our YouTube channel


When we are on tour we find supporters like to give gifts to the boys. This is a lovely thought and the boys are always delighted to receive them. But some gifts are not suitable. When we are on tour we have very strict aircraft baggage allowances and getting large items home safely can be difficult.

Additionally we have to be aware of food allergies, and when we are overseas we can not be sure what ingredients food and sweets may contain. So we ask supporters:

  • please do not give sweets and other foodstuffs
  • please do not give large items

Do you publish Sheet Music?

We do not publish sheet music – partly due to rights and copyright issues but also because our music is constantly beingg re-arranged for the current set of boys.  A few songs have been transcribed and have been made available on music on demand sites, but these are not official transcriptions.  A few tracks from the albums are based on existing pieces like ‘Be still my soul’ which is a hymn version of the chorale in Finlandia by Sibelius. These may be found at music shops in other arrangements.

How do I sign up for your mailing list?

Simply enter your email address in the email updates field on our Home Page and click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email from us and you need to click the link included in this email to complete the sign up process.

I have signed up to your mailing list but I have not received any emails:

We mainly use our mailing list to announce upcoming concert tours and CD releases, rather than as a regular newsletter. For this reason, and because we understand how frustrating it can be to receive lots of unwanted communications, we try to use it very sparingly. If you want to read more news about us please join our online community at Facebook, or follow us on X (Twitter) or Instagram – and keep checking back here at our Web site for news, blogs and events.


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