9th September 2016

Public and Private

As Libera we are privileged to be able to take our music around the world, and we are so grateful for the interest and appreciation shown by our many supporters.

The boys devote a lot of their spare time to singing with Libera; they love what they do and take pride in it, so they are immensely rewarded by the warm response and attention they receive from our followers.

The performers of Libera also have very active lives outside of the group, which are entirely unrelated. They have their own families and friends, interests and schools. We are sure that everyone understands that as young children, their private and school lives need to remain separate from their Libera performances, and their personal worlds must not be confused with their public.

Most of our followers instinctively honour this, and do not attempt to contact the boys individually; or to post private information about the boys; or to publish news about, or discuss on line their school activities; or to assume that school or church/cathedral events can be regarded as opportunities to make a connection with the boys. Details such as where the they live, where they go to school and so forth, are understood by our supporters to be personal, and they know that any public discussion or posting of such information is not appropriate and could pose a risk to the safety of the boys or prove an embarrassment to them personally.

We wish to be able to continue to travel, perform and record as Libera, but everyone will understand that if ever it seemed that there was a threat to the safety of our boys, real or perceived, or to their comfort and well-being, it would be necessary to restrict and constrain the public activities and appearances of the group to the detriment of Libera’s future and the continued enjoyment of our many supporters.

Please continue to respect the boys’ privacy and encourage others to do so too.

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