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Angels Sing: Libera in America

Angels Sing: Libera in America

Recorded Live in Washington at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

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02 December London, UK
St George's Cathedral, Southwark

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02 August Vallendar, DE
27 July Krakow, PL
23 April Romsey, UK
03 April Daejeon, KR

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September 03rd, 2016

Grasshopper Gremlin

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September 01st, 2016

Libera in Europe - Summer 2016 - part 2

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August 17th, 2016

A Christmas Concert

We have announced a Christmas Concert.  We will be performing in St George's Cathedral, Southwark...

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July 16th, 2016

Libera in Germany

Libera will be performing in the Schoenstatt Pilgrims' Church in Vallendar, Germany on 2nd August...

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July 16th, 2016

Libera in Poland

Libera is to make apperances at the amazing World Youth Day international pilgrimage in Krakow,...

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 Oct 21st, 2016 Mark Page in Alaska

I think it would be really nice to see these brothers pictured with their parents. Actually all of the Libera boys for that matter. Hats off to all of the Libera parents for supporting your sons in this honorable endeavor.

 Oct 20th, 2016 John

Was at your concert in London last year and it was excellent and it was my first time at one of your concerts. I have purchased a ticket for your Christmas concert in London and I'm looking forward to it.

 Oct 19th, 2016 Dante Carvalho

Dear members of Libera, first congratulations to all: the boys and young men to the conductor and instrumentalists. Today you are at the top of my "hit parade": You are perfect. Their voices touch my soul and from the moment I heard the first sound of you, by Divine Providence, for some searches on YouTube I can not stop listening to them to find in you a sonorous beauty that thought lost in the modern world. It did not take and spread (and I spread) to all who know a little of the love I have for your sound (including my sister fell in love with Josh) .OH Sanctissima is my favorite music and whenever I hear my heart burn like if estivese receiving a divine touch and want to thank you very much for today I can hear it. Finally, I beg you to come soon to Brazil (and, if possible, to Piaui, the state where I live). One day I will watch them in person and in the future will be contributing financially to the coral. Wishing them abundant divine blessings, I say goodbye.

 Oct 18th, 2016 wayne

I have been following Libera for sometime. I know a few of the guys from the 2012 era but few from today. I wish there was some way to identify the guys while the are highlighted in the videos. I can recognize some but I would really like to know the names of the others. Love their music. Love seeing the boys sing.

 Oct 9th, 2016 Ben Morton

I have been following Libera for a while now, since I happened upon it while looking around on Youtube, and was so inspired by the boys and their wonderful voices. I since have ordered DVD's and CD's of their beautiful singing. I am in Texas, here in the US. I would give anything to see them in person. Hopefully they will come back to the USA sometime in the future so that i can see them. Thank you, Libera, for giving to us your wonderful voices, and inspiring the world with your beautiful angelic singing. I would give anything to see your Christmas concert, but I just can't afford it now. God bless you all